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"Proud & dedicated to providing Casper and
the Wyoming communities with a valuable, long-term asset ...
rich in character & tradition &committed to promoting and supporting
the core values of family, community, teamwork, sportsmanship,
spirit & professionalism."

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Wyoming Army National Guard partners with the Wyoming Cavalry


"I hope everyone realizes what an asset the Cavalry is  to our community.
It is an asset, not only for the family entertainment it provides, but it is also an excellent advertising avenue for
Wyoming businesses. The Cavs are a commodity, and should be supported."
Kurt Box

Custer's Parade - The kids LOVE the Parade...They get to be on the field with the players
You're Not Just AT the Game, You're IN the Game

Mrs. Wyoming America joins the festivities on July 4
The Wyoming Cavalry is a proud sponsor of the Mrs. Wyoming America Pageant

There are many opportunities for your business to become involved with the Wyoming Cavalry as a business partner. Your partnership and the relationships our players, coaches and staff have with the Wyoming community are important to us. We do not take our sponsors or relationships for granted.

Our philosophy is to provide you with opportunities that are rich in "added-value," while still meeting your objectives. We strive to create relationships where we work together as partners, assisting in each other's goals, instead of assuming the roles of client/vendor usually found in other advertising ventures.

Various Sponsors brought Bob the Builder to town to celebrate "Construction Night 2007"



  • To provide the ultimate inexpensive family entertainment experience
  • To serve as sports ambassadors and role models
  • To provide quality indoor football action
  • To exceed our fans' and supporters expectations - on and off the field
  • To provide ample opportunities for our business partners to communicate their marketing message
  • To promote our business partners and assist in their goals and objectives
  • To provide ample opportunities for our business partners to receive a return on their investment
  • To exceed our business partners' expectations

Getting the Community involved is what it's ALL about...

Sponsorship/Partnerships are not reserved for just businesses, individuals can be sponsors and business partners too. Contact us today to find out how.


 This is a great opportunity to increase your awareness and send your marketing message. However, your message is not reserved for just the fans at the games; you have opportunities to work with the Wyoming Cavalry 12 months out of the year - promoting your business.

Providing your employees with game tickets and other sponsorship perks are great for employee morale. You give them an opportunity to have a night out with their families.

Building relationships is your greatest asset. Your customers and vendors will appreciate you thinking of them when you treat them to a game. Let them experience the fun and excitement first hand.

Contact us today to discuss how we can leverage your opportunities and marketing dollars.
Call the Wyoming Cavalry office at 307.232.8170.


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