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Dedicated to providing Casper and the Wyoming Communities with a valuable long-term asset,
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Who We Are
The Wyoming Cavalry is a professional indoor football sports organization. Home games are played at the Casper Events Center during the months of March - July. A total of 14 games make up the season. Although the indoor football season lasts only five months each year, the Wyoming Cavalry organization is an integral business in Wyoming twelve months out of the year.

Indoor football by definition is: A game where two teams composed of eight players compete in a game, similar to American football; however, played indoors on  turf roughly half the size of an outdoor football field. Goal posts are also smaller in diameter than outdoor goal posts.

However, indoor football is so much more... Indoor football is family entertainment for ALL:

  • The sports enthusiast;

  • The moms looking for a fun night out with the family;

  • The proud parents and grandparents of the National Anthem Singers;

  • The 5-year old freckled-faced little kids beaming from ear-to-ear as they make their way around the Cavalry field during Custer's parade...right in the middle of all the Cavalry football players;

  • The competitors crossing the finish line during the on-field promotions;

  • The fans that know nothing about indoor football, but because the action is so fast-paced....love it;

  • The thankful employees who earned FREE tickets to the games;

  • The guests of season ticket holders and sponsors;

  • The Special Olympics athletes who bonded with the Cavalry athletes during the camps;

  • And on;

  • And on.

Indoor football is fast-paced, interactive fun.

Indoor football was introduced to Wyoming in 1999 in preparation for the 2000 season when the Casper Cavalry played in the Indoor Football League (IFL). A league composed of 26 teams (from Wheeling, WV to Casper, WY) all owned by one owner.

Indoor football was a huge success in Casper, and when the IFL was sold to Orlando Predators, Inc. at the end of the 2000 season, a group of local investors were organized to help continue professional indoor football in Wyoming, thus the Wyoming Cavalry team was formed.

In 2001, the Wyoming Cavalry became one of the inaugural teams in the National Indoor Football League (NIFL), joining many of the IFL teams. The Wyoming Cavalry is one of the few inaugural indoor football teams still in existence.

In 2008, the Wyoming Cavalry joined the American Indoor Football Association (AIFA) West.

In 2011, the Wyoming Cavalry joined the Indoor Football League (IFL).

The local investors all have deep ties in Wyoming and are involved in a wide range of professions. They are all community oriented business men and philanthropists. They volunteer on many local boards and actively participate in the community in many capacities.

The local investors' goals are to keep affordable indoor football in Wyoming for many years to come, and to continue to support economic development in Casper and the Wyoming communities.


Our Mission
"Dedicated to providing Casper and the surrounding Wyoming communities with a valuable long-term asset. An asset used by all community leaders for the purpose of recruiting and retaining individuals and organizations to Wyoming. An asset to assist in economic development. An asset which provides unique, affordable, family-friendly entertainment to spectators of ALL ages."

Q: I've never been to a Cavalry game. What can I expect?
A: Expect the un-expected...Cavalry games are full of excitement from the minute the pre-game festivities start until the final minute on the clock. "You're not just at the game, You're in the game..."

There is fast-paced, high-scoring, up-close and personal football action. It's not uncommon to high-five the players while they're waiting for a kick-off. All players hang around after the game for interviews, autographs, and pictures.

But, it's not just football...There's entertainment all night long(dance groups, on-field promotions, contests, drawings), which keeps the kids entertained. There's never a dull moment.

Kids love the mascot, CUSTER, and they love to participate in Custer's parade during the second quarter - when they get to go onto the field and parade around the entire crowd, high-five the players from both teams, and receive a standing ovation as they walk around the field.

There are "freebies" and prizes all night long, and occasionally a special guest will show up (ie. Elmo, Bob the Builder, Hobart from the Casper Rockies, Mrs. Wyoming America - just to name a few).

If you enjoy an environment where you can take anyone you know... your spouse, your kids, your parents, your neighbors, your clients, your friends, your date, your employees, your guests...anyone! You'll love the Cavalry games.

Thanks to our partnership with the Natrona County Prevention Coalition, a special section is devoted to families where there is no alcohol or obscene language allowed.

Q: Who is Custer?
A: Custer is the beloved Coyote "official" mascot of the Wyoming Cavalry. Custer made his debut during the 2005 season. He is the most loved, kid-friendly mascot of any indoor or outdoor football league. You never know when he'll pop or what he'll do. He dances like no other mascot. Does hand-stands. Shows up at Birthday parties. Participates in the Safe Kids Car Seat check ups.
Read more about Custer.

Q: How can I become a sponsor?
A: Call 307.232.8170 and we can discuss the many possibilities available to you. Or send an email to info@wyomingcavalry.com to set up an appointment.

Q: How can I become a volunteer for the Wyoming Cavalry?
A: Send an email to info@wyomingcavalry.com - attach a bio about yourself and contact information.

Q: What do I do if I would like to get tickets to an away game?
A: Call the Cavalry office at 307.232.8170 or send an email to info@wyomingcavalry.com with an inquiry. 

Have a question for the Wyoming Cavalry - send an email.

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